Where Pedagogy meets Media

Leuven, Belgium   |   20-21 June 2023

The Media & Learning Association’s 10th annual conference is back in Leuven, Belgium on 20-21 June 2023. We look forward to celebrating our anniversary by learning from one another, getting inspired and changing the way people think about media in education!

Our theme Media & Learning 2023: Where pedagogy meets media takes into account one of the most challenging tasks that educators face, namely how to incorporate media in all its manifestations into the learning process in the most efficient and effective way.



Keynote speakers @ Media & Learning 23

Jeremy Nelson

Jeremy Nelson

University of Michigan, USA


Scaling XR in Higher Education

In this presentation, you will hear from Jeremy Nelson, the Senior Director of XR, Media Design and Production at the University of Michigan, and learn how they built a sustainable XR program across the institution. You will learn techniques and approaches to implement an XR strategy at your institution through examples and lessons learned.

Alexandra Mihai pic

Alexandra Mihai

Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Advancing Excellence in Education: The Changing Role of Centres for Teaching & Learning

Centres for Teaching and Learning (CTLs) are the structural interface between professional development and Higher Education institutional policies. They operate within the already complex environment of their respective universities, carving out an institutionalised “third space” at the crossroads between academic and non-academic spaces. This session will explore the changing roles of CTLs as they navigate the post-pandemic HE landscape, aiming to strike a balance between remaining grounded in faculty needs and gaining more visibility and influence within the university administration.

Bart PQZ4-iNQ

Bart Rienties

The Open University, UK

How to make sense of learning design and learning analytics: a practice-based narrative from the Open University UK

Many educational institutions are considering implementing learning analytics with the increased availability of learner and learning data. However, many questions are asked about whether or not to implement learning analytics: Where do you start? What should you do first? Is the data accurate? What about ethics and privacy? How can we effectively support our staff to use data? How do you know that this is a cost-effective and pedagogically sound approach? Does it actually work?

The Open University (OU) in the UK is one of the few organisations that have implemented learning analytics and learning design at scale for over a decade. With over 170.000 learners and more than 400 courses the OU has implemented a range of world-leading approaches, including Analytics4Action, OU Analyse, OU Learning Design Initiative. In this keynote I will share our insights from 10 years of large-scale implementation, what has worked, what has not, and what evidence we have found from over 100 studies on the use and effectiveness of learning analytics, and how we can effectively support the key stakeholders in learning analytics: educators and students.


Michel Beerens

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Making the impossible possible with new media tools

Michel Beerens, head of the NewMedia Centre of Delft University of Technology, will share insights into the productions, workflows, services, ambitions and challenges of the NewMedia Centre related to new technologies in teaching.

Foto Carl Boel

Carl Boel

Thomas More University, Belgium

Training soft skills in higher education using immersive virtual reality. Perceptions from students and faculty.

This presentation will discuss the results of a large scale, international study on how both students and faculty members of higher education institutions across Europe and North-America perceive immersive virtual reality as an instructional method to train soft skills training. This research was carried out independently by Thomas More, as part of a Meta grant offered to Bodyswaps, a UK based virtual reality studio focused on developing innovative training methods for soft skills, fostering the affordances of virtual reality trainings.

Speakers and moderators


Anne-Astrid Agten

KU Leuven, Belgium


Andrea Balz

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Austria


Audun Bjerknes

University of Oslo, Norway


Niels Bloembergen

Mediajungle, The Netherlands


Nevil Bounds

Biamp, UK

John C Headshot 2

John Couperthwaite

Kaltura, USA


Yvonne Crotty

Dublin City University, Ireland


Leen De Bruyn

meemoo, Vlaams Instituut voor Het Archief


Carl Eltervaag

NTNU, Norway


Laure Englebert

IHECS, Belgium


Ulrich Fahrner

University of Augsburg - Medialab, Germany


Margaret Farren

Dublin City University, Ireland


Anja Garone

UCLL, Belgium


Erson Halili

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Jana Herwig

University of Vienna, Austria


Sonia Hetzner

FAU, Germany


Clare Horrie

The National Archives, UK

peter picture

Peter Ingle

Panopto EMEA & APAC, UK


Carel Jansen

Freelance communications advisor, The Netherlands

Zooming Nic 30 april 2020

Nicolette Karst

Lund University, Sweden

Izida Khamidoullina

Izida Khamidoullina

HELMo, France


Giorgi Kopadze

IE University, Spain


Dominik Kremer

FAU, Germany


Janne Länsitie

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Sean Manley Photo

Sean Manley

Dublin City University, Ireland


Steven McCombe

City, University of London, UK


Alexandra McGaughrin Cross

University of Manchester, uk

jenny méité

Jenny Méité

UbiCast, France


Camila Monge Pizarro

UOH, France


Madeleine Murray

PDST Technology in Education, Ireland


John Murray

NUI Galway, Ireland


Iris Nemec

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Austria

dean picture

Dean Offord

Panopto EMEA, UK


Rebecca Oldfield

The University of Manchester, UK


Sara Alyssa Omlor

University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Predrag Pale

University of Zagreb, Croatia


Ross Parker

Durham University, UK


Dominic Pates

City, University of London, UK


Anke Pesch

KU Leuven, Belgium


Elena Riedlinger

Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Germany


André Rosendaal

University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Andreas Schille

NTNU, Norway


Rosemary Smith

Getting Better Foundation, USA


Hans Timmermans

Biamp, Belgium


Marco Toffanin

University of Padova, Italy


Paul Trueman


Sergei Tugarinov Pro Photo (3)

Sergei Tugarinov

Kaltura, USA


Stéphanie Vanneste

itec, Belgium


Gert-Jan Verheij

University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Michiel Vledder

Inholland University, The Netherlands


Eirik Wattengård

NTNU, Norway

kathryn picture

Kathryn Woodhead

Jisc, UK


Zac Woolfitt

Inholland University, The Netherlands


Ahmed Yousof

East Stroudsburg University, USA


This year’s Media & Learning Conference is being held in the splendid Provincie Vlaams-Brabant - Provinciehuis.

Provincie Vlaams-Brabant - Provinciehuis is about a 10 minute walk from the train station and an 20 minute walk from the city centre.

Take a look at our suggested accommodations and travel advice.

Provincie Vlaams-Brabant - Provinciehuis

Provincieplein 1

3010 Leuven



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