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Panopto is the leading provider of all-in-one video management and lecture capture software for the higher education market. Since 2007, we've helped faculty and administrators improve the student learning experience with live and on-demand video. Today, hundreds of academic institutions worldwide use Panopto to centralize and manage campus video content, integrate video into their learning management systems, and record and live stream lectures, flipped classrooms, campus events, student assignments, and more.

Trusted by 22 of the world's top 25 universities, Panopto has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in video management and by University Business as a top product for higher education.


For over 40 years, Biamp has created professional audiovisual solutions that enable great communication. From the smallest of rooms to the largest of venues, we empower true human connection in every space. We deliver, manage, and enhance professional audio and video for the most effective, natural communications possible. As we grow to meet our customers’ needs and evolve to address the challenges of tomorrow, one principle remains: connecting people through extraordinarily exceptional audiovisual experiences.


Kaltura provides real-time, live, and on-demand video experiences for online educational programs and virtual learning that bring both educators and students closer than ever. From virtual classrooms, lecture capture, and webinars, to live recruitment and alumni events - Kaltura’s off-the-shelf products offer flexibility, modularity, and ease of integration. Our products enable any size institution to create interactive experiences that are engaging, personalized, and accessible to all.

Canon – GetyourStudio

Canon can be hard to define. Especially when you learn the extent of our expertise and discover all the fascinating places our imaging technology can be found today. We’re full of surprises. Our beginning ambition to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced and well-loved cameras has evolved over eighty years into a desire to play a part in every image made. Our products and expertise reach places you may never have realized and touch millions of lives every day.

Canon partner ‘GetyourStudio’ supplies all-in-one and ready-to-use video studios. An in-house video studio opens new possibilities and leverages the quality of video content. Your own video studio can be operated by one person without the need for experts. Learn and experience what GetyourStudio has to offer for educational applications and learn the possibilities to connect and enhance your audience via video.


Rapidmooc designs and markets all-in-one video studios. Combining both the video recording hardware and the capture processing software, they offer multiple functionalities that are very easy to use: from the recording modes to the essentials of post-production editing, including an interactive teleprompter, the Rapidmooc solution offers the possibility of creating professional quality videos, independently, in volume and at a lower cost. More than 600 universities, companies and institutions use them: enthusiastic and prestigious customers from very different sectors of activity: Sanofi, l’Oréal, Oxford University, ESCP, ministries, specialized schools (aviation, navy, cooking…) and many more! EdTech with an international reach, Rapidmooc Inwicast has offices in France (Paris, Lyon), the United States (New York), the United Kingdom (London), Germany (Essen) and Switzerland (Geneva).


Born in 2007, UbiCast is the European leader in video learning solutions. Our mission is to improve learning and communication by making video engaging, collaborative and durable.

To do so, UbiCast has developed Nudgis, a customisable private video platform made for teachers to record, store and stream interactive and impactful content in video format.

Thanks to its engaging sidebar and social features, Nudgis is the perfect tool to easily captivate students’ attention and enhance the whole learning experience!


Sony education solutions provide a front row seat for all students no matter where they are. Easy to implement AV technologies enable Educators across the spectrum to make learning more immersive and boost student engagement. By combining cutting-edge 4K displays, laser projection, video, audio and AI-driven analytics, the Sony flexible solution not only enables remote learning, but also ensures face to face teaching is presented in the highest quality, enhancing the experience.

While institutions and teachers save time on set-up, students benefit from increased flexibility and access to high-quality learning content and advanced collaboration tools. They can learn safely and effectively whether they’re in the classroom, the next town or on the other side of the world.