Media & Learning Annual Conference

Media & Learning '24 is an onsite conference organised by the Media & Learning Association, supported by the Media & Learning 2024 Advisory Committee.

The annual Media & Learning Conference has taken place in Belgium since 2010, each time bringing together over 300 innovators, developers, researchers and practitioners from all over the world and particularly from Europe for a two-day face-to-face event, packed with talks, demonstrations, discussions and activities. Each of these face-to-face events has had a specific theme related to the use of media in support of learning and since 2018, these conferences have specifically targeted the Higher Education Sector. These events have also included a busy exhibition area, where leading manufacturers and suppliers have used the event to show their latest products and services and to engage directly with their target customers.

Media & Learning Online Conferences

In 2020, the Media & Learning Association launched its Media & Learning Online conference series. These conferences are made up of a mix of webinars with presentations by experts and leading practitioners, online discussions and networking moments and online exhibition and demonstration opportunities. Intended as a way to replace the annual conference, these online conferences cover general themes and concerns as well as specialist topics. They are offered free to association members and with a small fee to non-members. In 2021, the Media & Learning Association plan to organise a total of 2 such online conferences, one in spring and one in Autumn. To date, these events have specifically been targeted at the Higher Education sector.

Creating the content

Where possible, a call for inputs is issued for all conferences and events and the agenda is created through a mix of selection from those inputs we receive as well as a significant number of invited inputs from within our membership as well as the wider community. The emphasis in all our events is on innovation and informed practice. We are keen to identify ways in which media can make learning more effective, more sustainable and more efficient as well as keeping a very close watch on innovation in order to prepare for the learning needs of students in the coming decades.


The planning of all Media & Learning Conferences and Events is led by the elected Board of the association supported by the Association Secretariat and with the input of the membership. The organising committee is responsible for coordinating and managing Media & Learning 2024 – Back to the Future? (photo below). A dedicated and hard-working Advisory Committee is also charged with much of the planning and realisation of events and conferences. Membership of this committee is reviewed and renewed regularly.

To contact the conference organisers, you can reach the Media & Learning Secretariat in Belgium through phone or e-mail.

Leuvensesteenweg 132, 3370 Roosbeek, Belgium
Telephone: +32 16 28 40 40