Scaling up and providing access to video based services in higher education

Two-day online conference   |   17–18 June 2020

Media & Learning Online is a free two-day online conference on scaling up and providing access to video based services in higher education. It will feature talks and discussions drawing in part on the experiences of universities all over the world in scaling up their video based services in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day 1
Rapid response strategies for scaling up video based services in higher education institutions

  • Facing the challenge: In this session, different perspectives to the experience of scaling up video based services will be addressed, that of the academic, the technical service provider, the administrator and the student.
  • Preparing the troops: in this session, the focus will be on what can be done to help academics make the best out of video for their teaching and learning activities.
  • Adjusting policies for the future: The crisis has been a significant game-changer for higher education, so in this session, we will talk about the implications of this change for asynchronous and synchronous media-based learning as well as how policies and practices need to change based on recent experiences in preparation for the future.

Day 2
Getting ready for the EU Directive on accessibility

  • Understanding the Directive: In this session we will include an introductory presentation on what the directive means in real terms for university providers, a presentation based on the results of the KU Leuven/MLA study, and a practitioner talking about a successful move to meet the requirements of the directive.
  • Comparing the options: In this session, experienced university video service providers will summarise what they have done thus far.
  • Should, or even can,  we comply with the legislation: in this session we will hear various viewpoints about the viability and reality of complying with the legislation going forward.

Plenary, Discussion and Exhibition Sessions

Rooms and Timetable

Media & Learning Online has now concluded, huge thanks to all the speakers, moderators and participants to make this a successful event. Recordings of the plenary sessions of Media & Learning Online are accessible from within the programme schedule.

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