Media & Learning 22 Exhibitor

The concept of a “hybrid-first” environment is driving a lot of current discussions around student-centered innovation. Many of these discussions tend to focus specifically on new channels of communication and the opportunities they can provide in terms of remote collaboration, time-based and geographic flexibility, etc. At Sonic Foundry, we believe there is an equally important conversation to be had about the future of content, and about how new developments in video technology and the uses of video metadata can help move the student to the center of learning innovation. In the future we imagine, accessibility, content enhancement, and data enrichment will evolve in complementary and mutually-supportive directions, and open up new channels of empowerment for both students and educators. This vision is a core element of our newest ventures – one aimed improving at access and equity in international education and the other focused on enhancing the student experience with video through innovative AI capabilities. These ventures reflect both Sonic Foundry’s commitment to the concept of student-centered innovation and our belief in the rapidly expanding power and versatility of video content as a learning tool.



Wies ter Veld, European Sales Director Sonic Foundry

Tessa Meerkerk, Account Manager Sonic Foundry