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Producing a video is cumbersome and time consuming process. And altough electronics have changed the tv industry, the workflow has not changed much since the start of black and white television over half a century ago. Over time, computers merely assisted the videographer. WebClip2Go decided to change the workflow altogether. After all, the workflow was invented in the pre-computer era, so we asked ourselves: “what would the workflow look like if we would develop the workflow from scratch today?” The result is a stunning new workflow where the computer does all the work. No crew, no editing, no colour correction, no rendering, instant video without fuss… A videographer can assist, but even that is optional. We went through the usual stages of an innovative product: disbelief, denial, misunderstanding, the lot. Then people started adopting our method and quickly found the savings were even larger than we predicted. And the number of users is now rapidly growing. Curious? Come talk to us and see for yourself how video is produced today! Sometimes, if it sounds too good to be true, it is true after all…



Gerrit Bulten, Founder/Owner Webclip2Go

Frans Friedeman, Account Manager Burst Video BV